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Performance Summary

The Territories and Local Government Division has continued to manage the Commonwealth's local government responsibilities. In 2001-02 councils received an estimated $1.3 billion in financial assistance grants from the Federal Government. The Federal Government recognises that the efficiency and effectiveness of local government directly impacts on the living standards of Australians and the Department undertakes a range of tasks which seek to assist local councils deliver more effective services to their communities.

Summary list of effectiveness indicators for key strategies, outputs and administered programmes for Key Result 3

Effectiveness indicators for key strategies
  • Governments and community bodies endorsing future local government financial assistance arrangements
  • Local governments providing additional benefits to people by instituting better practices, sharing information and being more innovative
  • Output Group 3
    3.1 : Policy Advice and Legislation, Ministerial Services
    3.2 : Services to Local Governments
    Administered programmes
  • Local Government Financial Assistance Grants
  • Federal Flood Mitigation Programme
  • Lismore Levee Programme
  • Natural Disaster Relief Arrangements
  • Natural Disaster Risk Management Studies Programme
  • Local Government Incentive Programme
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    Last Updated: 27 February, 2013