Performance Summary


In August 2001, the Government released Stronger Regions, A Stronger Australia, the Federal Government's framework for developing Australia's regions through the next decade. The Regional Policy and Regional Programmes Divisions have led the Department's transition towards implementation of this new policy.

Whole of government collaboration has been substantially strengthened through the Sustainable Regions Programme; More Accessible Government; the Standing Committee on Regional Development and cooperative work with other Departments in areas such as natural resource management programmes, the Regional Tourism Roundtable, and bilateral working groups with the Department of Family and Community Services.

While continuing to deliver the intended outcomes of over 10 regional programmes, the Divisions have reviewed the strategic direction of these programmes in line with Stronger Regions, A Stronger Australia. Practical measures, including better links with our community through the Regional Network and Area Consultative Committees, are being implemented to deliver improved efficiency, effectiveness and access for our clients.

Summary list of effectiveness indicators for key strategies, outputs and administered programmes for Key Result 2

Effectiveness indicators for key strategies

Output Group 2

2.1: Policy Advice and Legislation, Ministerial Services

2.2 : Services to Communities

2.3 : Research and Data

2.4 : Natural Disaster Relief Arrangements

Administered programmes