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Performance Summary

2001-02 proved to be a challenging year for Divisions responsible for Aviation and Airports Policy, Transport Regulation, Transport and Infrastructure Policy, Transport Programmes and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB). World events such as those that occurred on 11 September 2001 impacted on a number of our planned achievements and provided opportunities to effect change-for example, improvement of aviation security measures. Programmes were put in place to provide transitional support for the continuation of services to communities following the demise of the Ansett group. We also worked with international bodies and partners to progress issues concerning the maritime, aviation and road transport sectors and continued our significant involvement in national road and rail initiatives with our State and Territory and industry stakeholders.

Despite a world-wide downturn in air travel during this year, we assisted the Government in selling Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport while ensuring this outcome was consistent with relevant airport legislative, regulatory and policy requirements, including environmental, foreign investment, competition, access and pricing. We have an ongoing role in ensuring the airport lessee demonstrates a commitment to the effective development of airport services, consistent with Australia's international obligations.

The Bureau of Transport and Regional Economics continued to provide quality information and analysis to the Government and the community to improve the understanding of economic factors influencing the transport sector as a whole. The ATSB undertook a similar role with respect to road safety and the development of a new national rail safety database.

Summary list of effectiveness indicators for key strategies, outputs and administered programmes for Key Result 1

Effectiveness indicators for key strategies
  • Airports achieving long-run profitability while delivering high quality services at a reasonable cost to users and meeting environmental and other regulatory requirements
  • Measures to govern aircraft noise emissions and aircraft curfews are in place and observed
  • Opportunities for airlines to provide services with reduced travel costs or improved growth, including in regions
  • Implementation of effective aviation security measures by industry, including additional security measures in response to threat and intelligence advice
  • Contribution to a demonstrable reduction in the road toll and other road crash cost
  • Reduction in the backlog of investigations, and more regular reports of comprehensive proactive safety studies
  • Investigating rail safety on the interstate system, with cooperative investigation agreements with the States/Northern Territory and other authorities, and a national rail safety database
  • Australian shippers seeing improvements across the combined areas of reliability, timeliness and cost of transport
  • Positive public benefits seen by industry as a direct result of our international efforts
  • Users of transport services seeing improvements in the efficiency of Australian logistics and supply-chain industries
  • Measures being implemented by governments and the transport industry which are effective in meeting greenhouse emissions, smog and noise objectives
  • More informed cross-jurisdictional decisions on major infrastructure projects and policy issues
  • Rail and road transport industries operating to national codes of practice, with regulations supporting continuous enhancement of efficiency
  • Governments and the rail industry operating a more efficient and commercial national rail network
  • National transport, development and safety goals evident in planning and implementing roads programmes
  • Safe motor vehicles meeting uniform vehicles standards
  • The use of private sector funds advancing national transport, development and safety objectives by bring forward infrastructure projects
  • An improvement in transport safety standards and data
  • Output Group 1
    1.1 : Policy Advice and Legislation Ministerial Services
    1.2 : Regulation and Standards
    1.3 : Safety Services
    1.4 : Services to Industry
    1.5 : Services to Communities
    1.6 : Research and Data
    Administered programmes
  • Noise Amelioration for Adelaide Airport
  • Noise Amelioration for Sydney Airport
  • Subsidy for transition to location-specific pricing for air traffic control towers
  • Remote Air Service Subsidy Scheme
  • Bass Strait Passenger Vehicle Equalisation Scheme
  • International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund Levy
  • Ansett - Rapid Route Recovery Scheme
  • Relief for StRanded Ansett Passengers
  • Compensation payments to SACL for the sale of Sydney Airport land
  • Sydney West Airport
  • Infrastructure Borrowings Tax Offset Scheme
  • Payments to Maritime Industry Finance Company Ltd (MIFCo)
  • Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme
  • Supermarket to Asia
  • Upgrade of the Mainline Interstate Railway Track
  • Management of residential issues of former Australian National Railways Commission (AN)
  • Contributions to support
  • Tamworth AustralAsian-Pacific Aeronautical College
  • Payment Scheme for Airservices Australia's Enroute Charges
  • Australia's response to foot and mouth disease and other quarantine risks-Airport Quarantine Infrastructure programme
  • Upgrade of Canberra Airport to international wide-bodied jet standard
  • Road Safety Black Spot Programme
  • Roads to Recovery Programme
  • Alice Springs to Darwin Rail Link
  • Federation Fund projects
  • Interstate Road Transport Fees