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Introduction to Performance Reporting

The Departments internal structure was reorganised on 1 January 2002 to better align our organisation and programme delivery with our outputs framework and to further enable us to achieve our portfolio outcome:

A better transport system for Australia and greater recognition and opportunities for local, regional and Territory communities.

Our revised internal structure therefore improves the transparency of the Departments accountability framework and has enhanced our reporting capability.

Our strategic performance reporting for 200102 has been based on the effectiveness of our key strategies, outputs and administered programmes in relation to the Departments four Key Results. The degree of achievement has been measured against performance indicators described in the Transport and Regional Services 200102 Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS).

Our Key Results are:

  • Transport systems which are safer, more efficient, internationally competitive, sustainable and accessible
  • Regional communities which have better access to opportunities and services, and which are able to take the lead in their own planning and development
  • Local governments which serve their communities more efficiently and effectively
  • Territories which provide for their residents the same opportunities and responsibilities as other Australians enjoy in comparable communities.

To further enhance accountability and transparency in our performance reporting for 200102 we have implemented the following rating scale. The scale describes four levels of achievement against the performance indicators in the PBS:

  • Achieved
  • Substantially achieved
  • Partially achieved
  • Not achieved.

This type of reporting is new for the Department and has permitted a good degree of candour and frank assessment of achievements, as well as recognition of future appropriate improvements to our services.

This year, under Key Result 4, two additional reports have been included: a Territories Asset Management Report and an Indian Ocean Territories Report. These reports complement the performance reporting for this Key Result and provide a more transparent and logical presentation of information concerning the Commonwealths role in the Territories.

Figure 4: Diagram of performance reporting structure

Figure 4: Diagram of performance reporting structure