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Guide to Report

Part 1 : Secretary's overview

The Secretary, Mr Ken Matthews, reviews the performance of the Department during 200102 and discusses the outlook for 200203.

Part 2 : Departmental overview

In Part 2 of the report we describe the structure of the Department and of the portfolio. The strategic overview section lists values, roles and Key Result areas, as specified in the Departments Corporate Plan for 200102. We also detail the outcome and outputs framework that is outlined in the Portfolio Budget Statements 200102.

Part 3 : Strategic performance reporting

In Part 3 we report on the performance of the Department against the Key Results, Outputs and Administered Programme groups detailed in the Portfolio Budget Statements 200102 and the Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements 200102. Reporting in this section is structured around the Departments four Key Results.

Part 4 : Servicing our clients, stakeholders and the community

In Part 4 we detail how the Department has interacted with our clients, stakeholders and the community in 200102.

Part 5 : Management and accountability

In Part 5 we describe the Departments policies and provide information on:

  • organisational governance
  • management framework
  • external scrutiny
  • management of human resources.

Part 6 : Financial performance reporting

In Part 6 we detail the Departments financial position, including discussion of our financial performance for 200102, a summary of Departmental resources and our audited financial statements.

Part 7 : Appendices

Part 7 addresses mandatory reporting requirements in easy-to-read tabular form, including:

  • Status of transport safety recommendations and safety advisory notices issued by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau in 200102
  • Environmental reporting
  • Commonwealth Disability Strategy reporting
  • Consultancy services
  • Advertising and market research information
  • Reporting on discretionary grants.

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