Appendix B : Consultancy Services

The list below details consultants engaged during the 2000–01 financial year with a contract price of $10 000 or more. The contract price for consultancies includes an amount for GST.


Method of Selection:

1 Advertised publicly
2 Selective tender process
3 Not advertised because a contract already existed
4 Direct selection/sole source
5 Joint venture
6 Consultants register/panel

Reasons for Employment:

a Specialist skills not available in DOTARS are required.
b They bring greater objectivity and independence to the task.
c Rapid access to the latest technology and experience in its application is needed.
d Appropriate in-house resources do not exist.
e DOTARS benefits from their broader experience and practices.
f Specialist skills can be transferred to departmental staff associated with the project.


(1) Airports Division
(2) Australian Transport Safety Bureau
(3) Aviation Division
(4) Business Group and Information Services Group (formerly Corporate)
(5) Cross-Modal and Maritime Transport Division
(6) Economic Research and Environment
(7) Executive Services Group
(8) Land Transport Division
(9) Regional Services, Development and Local Government Division
(10) Territories and Regional Support Division

List of consultants

Consultant Task Value ($) Method/
Acumen Alliance Probity adviser for market testing of legal services. 15 000 2a (4)
Affleck Consulting Pty Ltd Production of video relating to Volumes 1–3 of the Codes of Practice for Railways on behalf of the Australian Rail Operations Unit. 34 65 4d (8)
Alan Kerr Discovery of papers associated with the history of Australias Administration of Norfolk Island. * 30 000 4d (10)
APP Strategic Partners Pty Ltd Provision of advice on issues relating to the improvement of the performance of Corporate Services. 15 000 4a (4)
ARRB Transport Research Ltd Investigate the effect of vibration in heavy vehicles on driver fatigue. 20 432 1ad (2)
ARRB Transport Research Ltd Impact of climate changes on transport infrastructure. 100 000 4a (8)
ARRB Transport Research Ltd National Highway maintenance performance and condition impact on funding Phase 2. 90 00 4a (8)
ARRB Transport Research Ltd National Highway traffic counting audit. 55 000 4a (8)
Australian Airport Consulting & Technical Services Provision of aerodrome inspection services and technical advice to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in northern Australia. 154 160
Australian Peak Shippers Association Advice to small shippers on matters relating to liner shipping services for Australian exports. 20 000 1a (5)
Blake Dawson Waldron Legal adviser for market testing of Corporate Services. 200 000 6a (4)
Capital Agricultural Consultants Production of regional development policy framework. 22 000 4b (9)
Carole Helman and Phil Gilmour Identification of national environmental significance on Crown leasehold land on Norfolk Island. 18 540 4ad (10)
Centre for International Economics Pty Ltd Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme key parameters review. 48 339 4af (5)
CIT Solutions Diploma of Government Financial Management. 84 200 4a (4)
CIT Solutions Pty Ltd Undertake the design and development of a diploma for transport safety investigators. 117 315 2a (2)
Coffey Geosciences Water study for the Jervis Bay Leaseholds Sussex Inlet sites. 44 099 2ad (10)
Colmar Brunton Social Research Researchers for Action research project. ** 31 460 4a (9)
Comte Consulting Pty Ltd Provision of strategic leadership advice. 50 000 4a (4)
Corrs Chambers Westgarth Legal adviser for market testing of legal services. 100 000 6a (4)
Corrs Chambers Westgarth Probity Adviser for market testing of all corporate services (excluding legal). 65 000 2a (4)
Cosgrave & Eastoe Pty Ltd Independent review of residual assets of Albury-Wodonga Development Council. 28 000 2a (9)
CSI Holdings Pty Ltd (t/a CITEC) SAP Bureau and administration services. 490 413 3a (4)
Dacelor Advice on Jervis Bay and Indian Ocean Territories land related matters. 51 000 4ad (10)
David Ingle Smith Cost/benefit analysis resulting from mitigation levee in recent flooding in Tamworth. 10 800 2acd (10)
DBM Australia Provision of support services to departmental staff as a consequence of the Departments market testing process. 150 000 1a (4)
Deakin Consulting Departmental forms online. 30 550 2a (4)
Deakin KM Pty Ltd Training/change management strategy study for SAP 4.6 upgrade project. 166 923 2a (4)
Deloitte Consulting Pty Ltd SAP general support services. 456 760 3a (4)
Deloitte Consulting Pty Ltd SAP 4.6 upgrade implementation services. 957 951 3a (4)
Desliens Conference & Events Management Conference logistics for the Northern Australia Forum. 15 000 2a (9)
Dr Merrelyn Emery Rural Womens Advisory Council action research project Scientific and Plain English reports for sites in Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland and Northern Territory. 26 400 4a (9)
Electronic Trading Concepts Implementation of mandatory Online Action Plan. 800 000 2a (4)
Environmental Management Services Examine the impact of environmental initiatives on the maritime transport sector. 30 000 1a (5)
Ernst & Young Review of roles and responsibilities in departmental oversight of Indian Ocean Territories. 62 480 2ab (10)
Ernst & Young Output Pricing Review 265 000 2a (4)
Ernst & Young Perform the role of business adviser during market testing of corporate services functions. 445 350 2a (4)
Flagstaff Consulting Group Pty Ltd Third party audit of proposals for the Hume Highway at Albury-Wodonga. 510 536 4b (8)
Goninan & Associates Pty Ltd General professional audit services. 10 000 4a (7)
Halcrow Group Limited Independent technical review of draft Codes of Practice for Railways (Volumes 1–3). 23 000 4a (8)
Hay Group Provision of a departmental staff survey. 70 000 1a (4)
HRM Consulting Pty Ltd Provision of services relating to benchmarking, extraction, analysis and reporting on departmental human resource data. 400 000 4a (4)
JAS-ANZ Development of accreditation scheme for registered automotive workshops. 36 300 4ad (8)
John Borig & Associates Analysis of the technical and policy differences between the 12th revision of the UN Model Regulations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods and the Australian Dangerous Goods Code, 6th edition.. 18 000 2a (8)
Kartek Consulting Pty Ltd Finalise the second consultative draft of the National Rollingstock Code of Practice. 62 952 4a (8)
KLA Australia Pty Ltd Corporate Services Review. 164 000 2a (4)
KLA Australia Pty Ltd Business process redesign adviser for market testing process. 150 000 2a (4)
Kleinhardt FGI Pty Ltd Work associated with collaboration across the north initiative from the Northern Australia Forum. 83 000 2ab (9)
Local Government Association of NT Develop Local Agenda 21 plan for Yirrakali (NT) for indigenous community. 27 500 4a (9)
Luminis Pty Ltd (Adelaide Uni. Road Accident Research Unit) Undertake a research project to assess the technical feasibility of a protective headband for car occupants. 29 150
4ad (2)
Maunsell McIntyre Pty Ltd Investigation of opportunities to reduce freight transport emissions. 93 000 2a (5)
Maunsell McIntyre Pty Ltd Study assessing the impact of Intelligent Transport Systems on air quality and greenhouse emissions in Australia. *** 145 000 5a (8)
Meyrick & Associates Pty Ltd Provide a quantitative assessment of the benefits and/or cost savings for Australia of maritime transport services liberalisation by significant trading partners. 55 000
Miles Morgan Australia Pty Ltd Development of an adult education program for the Indian Ocean Territories. 21 900 2a (10)
Monash University Law Faculty Delivery of aviation law training project in Indonesia. # 56 762 2a (3)
Morris Consultants Identify leading practice in strategic planning in Local Government. 49 677 2a (9)
MXL Consolidated Pty Ltd Provision of recruitment services for the APS graduate program. 50 000 2a (4)
Net Impact Publishing CD-ROM production of Volumes 1–3 of the Draft Codes of Practice. 26 058 4d (8)
Nil Desperandum Ecological Consultants Identifying national environmental significance on crown land on Norfolk Island. 18 540 2a (10)
Objective Corporation Develop the departmental Business Classification Scheme. 210 210 2a (4)
Peter Kennedy Assistance with personnel issues. 14 355 4b (4)
Phil Sochon & Associates Pty Ltd Scoping study to determine availability of and need for material to be included in a fleet driving safety education materials package. 18 000
Phoenix Projects Pty Ltd Undertake a national action research project for the Regional Womens Advisory Council. ** 71 797 4a (9)
PPK Environment & Infrastructure Pty Ltd Road transport strategy options for Bankstown airport. 16 855 2a (1)
Price Waterhouse Coopers Undertake a Regulation Impact Statement on the draft Codes of Practice for Railways (Volumes 1 & 3). 83 240 2a (8)
Price Waterhouse Coopers Strategic asset management plan. 136 500 2a (4)
Pryor Knowledge Preparation of Rural Transaction Centres operation manual. 22 000 4ad (9)
PSI Consulting Assistance with drafting internal service level agreements. 63 630 2a (4)
Quantum Market Research ## Market test logos, tag lines and advertising concepts (Reg. Aust. Communication Strategy). 117 048 4abd (9)
Rail Matters Pty Ltd Provision of assistance to the Australian Rail Operations Unit in finalisation and implementation of uniform Codes of Practice for Railways. 166 000 4a
SAP Australia Pty Ltd SAP 4.6 upgrade implementation services. 90 846 3a (4)
Spiller Gibbins Swan Pty Ltd Produced business paper, note taking and write up of Northern Australia Forum. 36 000 2a (9)
Standards Australia International Ltd An independent writer to review Volume 5 of the Draft Codes of Practice for the Defined Interstate Rail Network. 8 332 4a (8)
Stollznow Research Pty Ltd Survey of origins and destinations of passengers on regional routes to Sydney airport. 72 532 2a (1)
Synapse Agriculture & Resources Spencer Gulf evaluation. 23 100 2a (9)
The Allen Consulting Group Pty Ltd
Describe and evaluate overseas policies promoting interconnectivity between players involved in freight logistics tasks. 66 000
The Allen Consulting Group Pty Ltd Regulation Impact Statement for the Code of Practice for the Defined Interstate Rail Network, Volume 4: Track, Civil and Electrical Infrastructure. 63 900
2a (8)
The Public Affairs Recruitment Company Pty Ltd May 2001 Budget process. 49 000 4a (7)
Thompson Clarke Shipping Study into Indian Ocean Territories shipping services. 41 400 2a (10)
TMG International Pty Ltd Phase 1 east coast very high-speed train scoping study. 578 606 1a (8)
Tonkin Engineering Pty Ltd Roaduser International Report on the Investigation into Heavy Truck Dynamics: Evaluation of Manufacturers Responses to Recommendations. 19 646
Transport & Distribution Training Australia Development of competency based training standards and assessment tools suitable for use with the draft Codes of Practice for Railways. 34 700
Twyford Consulting Training for members of the Departmental Consultative Committee. 12 000 2a (4)
University of Canberra Review of the DOTARS corporate governance arrangements. 62 000 4c (7)
University of Western Sydney Identify barriers to the uptake of Local Agenda 21 by local government. 22 000 4a (9)
Upton Martin Consulting Delivery of a Corporate Citizenship Program. 673 000 2a (4)
Urbis Planning Develop model for delegation and private certification assessment systems. 27 500 2a (9)
World Competitive Practices Pty Ltd. Assessment of DOTARS performance management requirements. 191 500 2a (4)

* Mr Alan Kerrs consultancy services are engaged for an hourly rate of $30 per hour with the total annual fee not to exceed $30 000.
** Contract terminated. Full value of contract not expended.
*** Jointly funded by the Australian Greenhouse Office ($75 000), Environment Australia ($40 000) and DOTARS ($30 000).
# DOTARS contract used but full amount of consultancy has been paid by AusAID.
## Item also listed in Advertising and Market Research (Appendix C).

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