Report on Performance

Performance reporting

This annual report provides actual performance and financial information against the budgeted expenditure and planned performance targets laid out in the Portfolio Budget Statements 2000–01 and Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements 2000-01. All three documents are based on the Departments outputs framework.

The outputs framework does not correspond directly to the organisational structure of DOTARS. Accordingly, each Division has provided an additional summary of its major issues and highlights for the year set out below. These additional summaries supplement performance reporting against outputs and administered programs provided later in this chapter.

In seeking to improve our performance reporting and as part of the Output Pricing Review undertaken jointly with the Department of Finance and Administration, we have revised our outputs framework and related performance measures for 2001–02. One of the foremost aims of revising the outputs was to move from the current framework, which focuses predominantly on the Departments key functions and activities, to one that focuses on the key results DOTARS is striving to achieve.

The revised framework, outlined in the Portfolio Budget Statements 2001–02, improves the transparency of the Departments accountability framework. It will improve internal and external reporting functions by enabling DOTARS to focus more strategically on the outcome it is seeking to achieve.