Administered Program Group 1 : Services to communities administered on behalf of the Commonwealth

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DOTARS administers programs on behalf of the Commonwealth that are designed to provide services and grant funds to assist the social and economic capacity of Australian communities.

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Services to communities administered on behalf of the Commonwealth

Administered Program 1.1 : Services to Communities

  1. Regional Solutions
  2. Special Structural Adjustment Package for the South-West Forests Region of Western Australia
  3. Compensation payments to Sydney Airport Corporation Limited
  4. Noise Amelioration for Adelaide Airport
  5. Noise Amelioration for Sydney Airport
  6. Subsidy for transition to location-specific pricing for air traffic control towers
  7. Remote Air Service Subsidy Scheme
  8. Management of residual issues of former Australian National Railways Commission
  9. Oil Pollution Compensation Fund
  10. 2002 Year of the Outback
  11. Rural Communities Program
  12. Rural Plan
  13. Understanding Rural Australia Program
  14. Rural Domestic Violence Program
  15. Regional and Rural Development Grant
  16. Regional and Rural Research Information and Data Program
  17. Rural Transaction Centres
  18. Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal
  19. Sydney West Airport Land Acquisition and Works
  20. Flood Recovery Fund
  21. Commonwealth Flood Assistance Package Business Grants

Administered Program 1.2 : Grants to States/Territories and Local Government

  1. Road Safety Black Spot Program
  2. Local Government Incentive Program
  3. Local Government Development Program
  4. Local Government Financial Assistance Grants
  5. Payments to the ACT National Capital
  6. Payments to the ACT municipal service