Output Group 4 : Services to industry

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As part of its contribution to Linking Australia through transport and regional services, DOTARS provides services to industry. It facilitates trade by providing secretariat and other support services to a range of transport-related trade forums, and by representing the Minister on these issues at international forums.

DOTARS disseminates a comprehensive range of transport safety and security-related information to industry and the Australian public.

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Services to Industry

Output 4.1 : Trade Facilitation

  1. Implement Asia Logistics Project initiative
  2. Participate in bilateral discussions aimed at facilitating trade in transport products and services
  3. Management of trade and logistics communications and information activities
  4. Lead Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Transportation Working Group projects
  5. Advice to other government agencies on transport trade matters
  6. Facilitate industry input into bilateral, regional and multilateral activities
  7. Participate in International Maritime Organisation Facilitation Committee, and relevant intersessional correspondence groups
  8. Contribute to activities that promote increased use of e-commerce in transport and related activities
  9. Facilitate maritime training projects and participate in meetings of Australia Maritime Training
  10. Liaison with Australian transport industry
  11. Contribute to the development of internationally harmonised vehicle safety standards

Output 4.2 : Safety and Security Information and Education

  1. Provision of information related to transport safety
  2. Publish papers and provide information
  3. Develop a road safety research program, and fund and administer selected research projects
  4. Facilitate and publish road safety statistical analysis and data collection
  5. Facilitate and publish statistical analysis and data collection specifically relating to heavy vehicles
  6. Facilitate and publish rail safety statistical analysis and data collection
  7. Liaise with rail safety accreditation authorities in meetings and forums
  8. Publish and distribute maritime safety reports
  9. Publish and distribute rail safety reports
  10. Publish and distribute aviation safety reports and bulletins

Output 4.3 : Economic Research and Data

  1. Research and report on portfolio economic issues and data analysis in separate publications
  2. Undertake air transport statistical analysis and forecasting
Output 4.4 : Administration of Programs and Grants to Industry
  1. Administer contribution to Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) road transport
  2. Administer contribution to International Maritime Organisation
  3. Administer payment to National Road Transport Commission
  4. Administer the Commonwealths interstate rail investment program
  5. Administer Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme
  6. Administer Bass Strait Passenger Vehicle Equalisation Scheme
  7. Administer grants for Supermarket to Asia Council
  8. Administer payment to Maritime Industry Finance Company Limited( MIFCo) for purposes of MIFCo loan repayment
  9. Administer Infrastructure Borrowings Tax Offset Scheme
  10. Administer National Highway and Roads of National Importance Programs
  11. Administer bridge upgrading program
  12. Administer payments under the Interstate Road Transport Act 1985
  13. Administer final year of four-year $5 million upgrade of Tasmanian rail infrastructure
  14. Administer the Commonwealths Federation Fund road and rail projects
  15. Administer payments for upgrade of Rockhampton Airport runway
  16. Administer agreement with WA Government covering provision of funds for regional waterfront reform Financial Performance