Output Group 2 : Regulatory, Investigative and Safety Services

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As part of its regulatory, investigative and safety services,DOTARS provides services associated with the approvals and monitoring of Commonwealth transport and transport-related directions, rules and regulations. Tasks predominantly concern ensuring industry compliance, issuing licences and approvals, and keeping the Ministers informed.

DOTARS undertakes investigations within the transport industry to ensure the maintenance and continuing improvement of high standards of safety for the travelling public and transport industry operators.

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Regulatory, Investigative and Safety Services

Output 2.1 : Approvals and Monitoring of Directions, Rules and Regulations

  1. Airlines licensing and designation requirements
  2. Administer regulatory provisions for federal airports
  3. Administer legislation and contract provisions
  4. Administer a national parking regime at leased federal airports
  5. Administer regulations governing aircraft noise emissions and airport curfews
  6. Funding and staff support for the International Air Services Commission
  7. Manage the Australian Design Rule certification approval process for new and used vehicles first entering the Australian market
  8. Monitor vehicle and vehicle component production compliance with safety, anti-theft and emission standards
  9. Develop procedures and administer UN ECE 1958 Agreement arrangements
  10. Administer the licence and permit requirements of Part VI of the Navigation Act 1912
  11. Administer Part X of the Trade Practices Act 1974
Output 2.2 : Safety and Security Investigations
  1. Air transport safety investigation services
  2. Investigate maritime accidents/incidents
  3. Investigate rail safety incidents
  4. International investigation of transport incidents and accidents
  5. Motor vehicle safety inspections and recalls