Strategic Overview

The Departments planned outcome in 2000–01 was:

Linking Australia through transport and regional services.1

This concept expressed our objectives of benefiting all Australians through safer, more efficient and sustainable transport systems and of improving social, economic and environmental well-being of regional and Territory communities.

Our Values

In pursuing this outcome, DOTARS embraced the Australian Public Service Values and Code of Conduct, taking particular pride in achieving results through people by being:

  • results orientated;
  • honest, professional and accountable;
  • responsive to our stakeholders and clients;
  • committed to providing development opportunities for our people; and
  • committed to a workplace that is safe and diverse, where we lead by example and with integrity and treat each other decently.

Our Role

DOTARS served Australia by helping the Government to achieve its policy goals in transport and regional services. We provided our Ministers and Parliamentary Secretary with advice on policy options, as well as providing grants and administrative, research, regulatory, investigative, safety, and Territory services.

Our Key Result Areas

The key result areas in which DOTARS assessed its success in achieving its planned outcome were:

  • transport systems that are safer, more efficient, internationally competitive, sustainable and accessible;
  • regional communities that have better access to opportunities and services and are able to take the lead in their own planning and development;
  • local governments which serve their communities more efficiently; and
  • Territories which provide for their residents the same opportunities and responsibilities as other Australians enjoy in mainland communities.

Our Output Groups

The Departments functions can be summarised into the following output groups:

1. DOTARS has adopted a revised outcome statement for 2001–02: A better transport system for Australia, and greater recognition of, and opportunities for local, regional and territory communities. This outcome statement articulates the results that the portfolio is striving to achieve for the community from the outputs and administered programs being delivered by portfolio agencies.