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Part 2 : Report on Performance

2.1 : Role and functions of the Department

Download the Role and functions of the Department [PDFPDF: 9 KB] as Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

2.2 : Outcome and outputs structure

This annual report provides performance and financial information against that planned in the 19992000 Portfolio Budget Statements and Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements, which were prepared on an outcome and outputs basis. Reporting against purchaser/provider arrangements has been addressed within the relevant divisions report on performance (illustrated by H within the performance tables provided in Part 2 of this report)

The Departments major activities during the year were directed toward the Governments desired outcome for the portfolio of Linking Australia through Transport and Regional Services. The 19992000 Portfolio Budget Statements were prepared on a service delivery basis to reflect outputs and services the Department provides to the Ministers and on their behalf. Figure 2 [PDFPDF: 8 KB] illustrates this structure.

2.3 : Transitional Reporting Structure

In the 19992000 Portfolio Budget Statements the former output class/program structure was refined to output groups. The relationship between the former program structure and the new structure is shown in Table 1 [PDFPDF: 12 KB].

This new outcome and outputs format has been adopted for performance reporting in the annual report. A slight modification has been made the reporting has been further categorised into working units (divisional groupings) to improve the level and quality of information presented to Senators and Members. The format will assist readers to compare information in earlier reports with that of the 19992000 report.

2.4 : Parliamentary services

Download the Parliamentary services [PDFPDF: 16 KB] as Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

2.14 : Grant programs

The following discretionary grant programs were administered by the Department in 1999-2000:

  • Road Safety Research Grant Scheme;
  • Rural Communities Program;
  • Rural Plan;
  • Regional Solutions Programme*
  • Rural and Regional Development Grant*
  • Understanding Rural Australia Program*; and
  • Research, Information and Data Fund*.

In addition to the Departments discretionary grant programs, under the terms and conditions of the Australian Land Transport Development Act 1998 (ALTD Act), the Minister for Transport and Regional Services approved payments to the States and Territories for road infrastructure improvements. Payments made in respect of the ALTD Act are the subject of a separate report to the Parliament.

A list of grant recipients from each program is available here. (*no funding allocated in 19992000).

Grant Recipient Tables