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Acronyms and abbreviations

AA Airservices Australia
AAO Administrative Arrangement Orders
ABC Australian Bicycle Council
ABCs Airport Building Controllers
ACT Australian Capital Territory
ADF Australian Defence Force
ADRs Australian Design Rules
AEOs Airport Environment Officers
AFTA ASEAN [Association of South East Asian Nations] free trade area
AGCC Australian GNSS Coordination Committee
AIDA AustraliaIndonesia Development Area
ALGA Australian Local Government Association
ALTD Act Australian Land Transport Development Act 1998
AM Member of the Order of Australia
AMSA Australian Maritime Safety Authority
AN Australian National Railways Commission
ANAO Australian National Audit Office
AO Officer of the Order of Australia
APEC AsiaPacific Economic Cooperation
APS Australian Public Service
ARFF Aviation Rescue and Fire Fighting [unit]
AROU Australian Rail Operations Unit
ARTC Australian Rail Track Corporation
AS Assistant Secretary
ASL average staffing level
ATC Australian Transport Council
ATSB Australian Transport Safety Bureau
ATSI Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
AVGAS aviation gasoline
AWAs Australian Workplace Agreements
AWDC AlburyWodonga Development Corporation
AWDCMC AlburyWodonga Development Corporation Ministerial Council
AWG Aviation Working Group
BASI Bureau of Air Safety Investigation
BTE Bureau of Transport Economics
CA Certified Agreement
CAC Act Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act 1997
CAIR Confidential Aviation Incident Reporting System
CASA Civil Aviation Safety Authority
CER [Australia New Zealand] Closer Economic Relations [Trade Agreement]
COAG Council of Australian Governments
COPs conformity of production assessments
CNS/ATM Communications, Navigation, Surveillance/Air Traffic Management
CSA Casino Surveillance Authority
DAF Development Assessment Forum
DOFA Department of Finance and Administration
DOTARS Department of Transport and Regional Services
EEO equal employment opportunity
EIS Environmental Impact Statement
EL Executive Level
ESCAP Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific
ESD ecologically sustainable development
FAL national facilitation
FAS First Assistant Secretary
FIRS Federal Interstate Registration Scheme
FOI freedom of information
GATS General Agreement on Trade in Services
GBE Government Business Enterprise
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System
GST Goods and Services Tax
IASC International Air Services Commission
IBTOS Infrastructure Borrowings Tax Offset Scheme
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation
IDC Inter-Departmental Committee
IiP Investors in People
ILN Integrated Logistics Network
IMO International Maritime Organisation
IT&T information technology and telecommunications
ITS Intelligent Transport System
KAVHA Kingston and Arthurs Vale Historic Area [Norfolk Island]
LGDP Local Government Development Program
LGIP Local Government Incentives Programme
LTOP Long Term Operating Plan
Mercosur Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay
MICE Meeting Incentive Convention and Event
MIFCo Maritime Industry Finance Company Limited
MIIU Marine Incident Investigation Unit
MoU Memoranda of Understanding
MP Member of Parliament
MPG Marine and Ports Group
MTC Maritime Transport Committee
NAILG National Awards for Innovation in Local Government
NBS National Bicycle Strategy
NCA National Capital Authority
NESB non-English-speaking background
NR National Rail
NRSS National Road Safety Strategy
NRM natural resources management
NRTC National Road Transport Commission
NSW New South Wales
NT Northern Territory
NTC National Transport Council
NZ New Zealand
OECD Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
OH&S occupational health and safety
ORR Office of Regulation Review
PNG Papua New Guinea
PRC Peoples Republic of China
PWD people with a disability
Qld Queensland
RASS Remote Air Service Subsidy
RCP Rural Communities Program
RDCG Rural Development Centre Grant
RFMP Regional Flood Mitigation Programme
RIS Regional Impact Statement
RIS Regulatory Impact Statements
RP Rural Plan
RSDLG Regional Services, Development and Local Government
RTA Roads and Traffic Authority [NSW]
RTC Rural Transaction Centres
RtP Results through People
SA South Australia
SANAP Sydney Airport Noise Amelioration Program
SCOT Standing Committee on Transport
SEQ2001RCC South East Queensland Regional Coordination Committee
SES Senior Executive Service
SVP Single Voyage Permit
TACT Technical and Administrative Cooperation in Transport
Tas. Tasmania
TFIs test facility inspections
TLWG Transport and Logistics Working Group
TPT-WG Transportation Working Group [APEC]
TRS Territories and Regional Support
TTICG Transport Trade Industry Consultative Group
TTMRA Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Arrangement
UAE United Arab Emirates
UK United Kingdom
URA Understanding Rural Australia
URAAC Understanding Rural Australia Advisory Committee
USA United States of America
VHST Very High Speed Train
Vic. Victoria
WA Western Australia
WTO World Trade Organisation
XMT Cross-modal and Maritime Transport
Y2K Year 2000