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Appendix 3 : Consultancy Services

As far as is practicable, the Department relies on its staff to perform its functions. However, timely access to consultants is required where:

  • there is a requirement for specialist skills not available in the Department;
  • their use brings greater objectivity and independence to the task;
  • there is a need for rapid access to the latest technology and experience in its application;
  • there is a lack of in-house resources which could be diverted to the particular high-priority project;
  • the Department might benefit from the experience and practices employed in the private sector;
  • they enable the prompt availability of a range of appropriate skills and resources to participate in a task; and
  • they aid the acquisition of specialist skills by departmental staff associated with the project.

The Chief Executive's Instructions require that the selection procedures used in engaging consultants are based on obtaining competitive public or restricted offers, and that value for money and accountability requirements are met.

During 1998-99, 224 consultants were under engagement by the Department. Of those, 30 consultants received no payments and the contracts were carried over to 1999-2000.

The total amount paid to consultants during the 1998-99 financial year was
$9 639 749. A total of $24 615 was paid by the Department of Workplace Relations and Small Business for Maritime Division prior to 21 October 1998 in relation to consultancies arranged in a previous financial year.

Click Here for details of individual consultancies, or request a printed copy from:

Contracts and Purchasing Policy
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Fax: (02) 6274 7991
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