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Year 2000 Compliance

Department of Transport and Regional Services - Year 2000 Disclosure Statement

This statement is a Year 2000 disclosure statement for the purposes of the Year 2000 Information Disclosure Act 1999. A person may be protected by that Act from liability for this statement in certain circumstances.

Percentages of business-critical systems in each phase at August 1999*.

Of the total number of business critical systems Contingency

Year 2000 Compliant

Back online (awaiting Executive sign-off)

Remaining under repair/testing

Remaining under assessment

84% 14% 2% 0% 70%

*These percentages are subject to rounding errors.

Authorised by: Bruce Gemmell, First Assistant Secretary, Aviation Division, Year 2000 Project Sponsor for and on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The Department is working towards having all business-critical systems compliant by the end of September 1999. The Department has taken an across-the-board approach to its business continuity planning by including Year 2000 contingency issues as one of the risks or threats identified in the plans. All business units have now signed-off on the plans.

Contingency plans are assessed as 70 per cent completed. The outstanding 30 per cent represents primarily an internal awareness campaign, finalisation of checklists, and some re-ordering of the plans to reflect the new organisational structure that took effect on 1 July 1999. A staff awareness campaign is planned to commence in October 1999.

The contingency plans identify key people who will be available in case of system failure during the year 2000 and, in particular, over the transition period. The company responsible for information technology and telecommunications (IT&T) within the Department, Advantra, is also in the process of finalising Year 2000 contingency plans in case of failure of IT&T systems and interruptions to service delivery.

Further information on the Department's Year 2000 compliance plans is available by contacting:

Communications and Public Affairs
Department of Transport and Regional Services
GPO Box 594
Tel: (02) 6274 7522
Fax: (02) 6274 7706
Email: publicaffairs@DOTARS.gov.au