Environmental Performance

The Department’s environmental policy is the driver for maintaining an Environment Management System (EMS). This in turn provides the framework to support and guide its office-based activities in central offices located in Canberra, ACT, with a flow on to other interstate offices, in relation to environmental performance.

The EMS is compliant with the requirement of the International Standard for environmental management systems ISO14001:2004. In this way, the Department is meeting the global benchmark for better environmental practice.

The Department continues to seek ways to reduce its day-to-day impact on the environment and to maintain a framework for continued environmental performance focusing on mitigating the Department's primary environment impacts.

The Department continues to promote its sustainable environm'ental management through its two main properties located in the ACT by upgrading its Building Performance Specifications, and successfully negotiating Green Lease Schedules as part of the leasing arrangements which complies with the Commonwealth Policy, Energy Efficiency in Government Operations.

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The Department will publish information on its environmental performance in its Annual Report.

Communications relevant to our EMS are welcome and may be directed to our EMS Coordinator, care of Office.Services@infrastructure.gov.au.


Last Updated: 3 June, 2016