Remote Airstrip Upgrade Programme


The Remote Airstrip Upgrade (RAU) Programme is part of the Australian Government's Regional Aviation Access Programme (RAAP) and provides funding for upgrades to remote airstrips in isolated outback communities.

The key objective of the RAU programme is to enhance the safety and accessibility of aerodromes in remote areas of Australia and facilitate improved delivery of essential goods and services including health care.

Eligible projects can include:

  • Upgrading runway surfaces;
  • Upgrading stormwater drainage;
  • Safety equipment such as runway lighting and navigation aids; and
  • Other infrastructure such as animal proof fencing.

The Programme does not cover landside works including terminals, hangars, buildings or commercial developments.

Applications for funding can be made by airstrip owners, such as community groups, Indigenous organisations and local governments in remote areas that require aerodrome upgrades.

Round Two

Under Round Two of the RAU programme, $9 million in Australian Government funding was allocated to 39 projects over the next two years.


Last Updated: 27 July, 2015