General Aviation

The International Civil Aviation Organization classifies general aviation as covering a range of operations that are not commercial air transport services. This includes aerial work (such as agriculture, photography, surveying, search and rescue), instructional flying and pleasure flying.

General Aviation Study

In October 2016, the then Minister for Infrastructure and Transport commissioned a study into general aviation in Australia. The Study has outlined some of the key challenges facing general aviation and identified opportunities for the industry and Government to respond to these challenges. The Study was publicly released on 20 December 2017.

General Aviation Advisory Group

The General Aviation Advisory Group (GA Advisory Group) was announced by the Australian Government in October 2016 to provide advice to the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport on matters affecting the General Aviation (GA) sector.

The GA Advisory Group operates as a forum where industry representatives can identify opportunities to work collaboratively to respond to pressures facing the GA sector.

The Terms of Reference and Operating Protocols for the Group can found here DOCX: 25 KB.

The members of the Group have been selected based on their skills and expertise in the aviation industry, rather than their affiliation to a particular organisation. They come from a cross section of the diverse GA sector including training, manufacturing, maintenance, sport and recreation, rotorcraft and fixed wing aircraft, aerial application, remotely piloted aircraft systems and medical operations.

A list of the GA Advisory Group members can be found here DOCX: 13 KB.

General Aviation Fight Plan

On 30 May 2018, the GA Advisory Group finalised its GA Flight Plan, the group's 2018–19 work plan for the GA sector.

The Plan has three priorities:

  • Articulate a long-term strategic outlook for general aviation in Australia.
  • Take into account stakeholder views on how air safety regulation can support general aviation through consistent and proportionally responsive administration.
  • Enhance general aviation industry capability through better workforce planning and access to airspace and infrastructure.

The General Aviation Flight Plan is available.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport's statement supporting the work of the group and welcoming the GA Flight plan is available.


Last Updated: 8 August, 2018