TNIP SA—TNIP for Small Airports

TNIP SA is designed to generate aircraft noise information for airports which do not have a noise and flight path monitoring system (NFPMS). While these airports do not have an NFPMS some have had INM noise studies carried out. For airports

  • which have an INM study TNIP SA provides a simplified and more easily accessible way to access the noise contouring features of TNIP
  • without an INM study the package includes generic data that can be used to develop noise contours without the need to run INM.

INM studies are generally carried out to generate land use planning noise contours such as the ANEF. TNIP-SA extracts information from INM studies to display the track and movement allocations that were used to develop to the land use planning contours, and then allows the user to use the same study to readily generate ‘aircraft noise information’ contours such as the N70 and single event contours.

For airports with an INM study (e.g. an ANEF), TNIP-SA not only reveals the assumptions the INM modeller has used to generate the noise contours, it also allows the user to vary those assumptions to carry out ‘what-if’ analyses.

For airports without an INM study (e.g. an ANEF), TNIP-SA can be used in a generic mode to generate noise information based on a set of general airport operating scenarios. The TNIP-SA CD contains INM generated noise grids for a number of single runway length scenarios. These grids are based on generic flight tracks and a large suite of aircraft types. TNIP SA enables the user to select one of the grids and then edit the parameters of the generic operating case to fit the specific operating circumstances of the airport (e.g. remove certain aircraft types). Once the modified grid or grids have been generated these can be used to produce cumulative noise contours such as the ANEF or N70, single event contours and to also carry out ‘what if’ analyses.

The process for obtaining a copy of TNIP SA is the same as for TNIP. TNIP SA is freeware and a copy of the TNIP SA demonstration CD can be downloaded directly from the link below (the zip file is 326 Mb so a broadband connection is recommended) or mailed to you on a CD-ROM by emailing your postal address by contacting Nick Fisher at This CD contains the full TNIP SA executable and a number of configuration and demonstration data files. The program is being progressively enhanced. Users who have already obtained a copy of the TNIP-SA demonstration CD can instead just download a copy of the latest executable below. Please note that the executable will not run without the configuration files available on the CD.

Download TNIP-SA Demo CD ZIP: 326016 KB

Download TNIP-SA Executable only ZIP: 705 KB

TNIP-SA User's Manual (Version 1.0)

The format of the TNIP-SA User's Manual mirrors that of the TNIP User's Manual.

Download TNIP-SA User's Manual Version 1.0 PDF: 3697 KB ReadSpeaker


Last Updated: 26 February, 2015