Transparent Noise Information Package (TNIP)

Aircraft Noise Disclosure and Carbon Footprinting Software

The Department has developed a suite of software applications to enable aircraft noise disclosure information to be rapidly produced for individual airports and for computing carbon emissions from aircraft operations. In particular, TNIP facilitates the production of the noise information described in the Expanding Ways discussion paper.

The TNIP Family of Programs

TNIP Expert This is the core TNIP program. The other derivative programs below are either some form of subset of TNIP Expert or generate input files for TNIP Expert. Information on using TNIP Expert to generate N70 contours can be found here.
TNIP Compact An easy access ‘one screen’ application for the non-expert.
TNIP SA TNIP for Small Airports—a version of TNIP designed to generate aircraft noise information for airports without noise and flight path monitoring systems.
TNIP RA TNIP Runway Allocator—a program to allocate runways to existing and future airport movement data sets.
TNIP Carbon Counter A program for computing the carbon footprint of network-wide aircraft operations.
TNIP Movie Demonstrations Short movies on the Transparent Noise Information Package (TNIP) capabilities and procedures for generating TNIP setup files.


Last Updated: 9 July, 2014