Curfew at Essendon Airport

Summary of Key Features

The Curfew

Curfew Restrictions

  • An aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of 45,000 kilograms or more cannot take-off from or land at Essendon Airport at any time, unless the aircraft is involved in an emergency, or the Secretary (Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government) or his delegate grants a dispensation beforehand.
  • An aircraft should not depart from its origin port unless the estimated time of arrival will be before 11.00 pm Essendon local time. Where the estimated time of arrival will be at or after 11.00 pm a dispensation should be sought before departure.
  • An aircraft that arrives at Essendon airport before 6.00 am must hold until after the curfew ends, or divert to an alternative airport.
  • Essendon Airport is not to be nominated or used as a planned alternate airport (in accordance with the noise abatement procedures in the Aeronautical Information Package published by Airservices Australia).
  • All operators of aircraft to or from Essendon Airport during curfew hours are required to lodge a flight plan with Airservices Australia.

Exceptions to the Curfew

The following aircraft are permitted to operate at Essendon Airport during the curfew:

  • Propeller-driven aircraft with a maximum take-off weight not exceeding 8,618 kilograms and that do not exceed specified noise emissions.
  • Helicopters that comply with the relevant maximum noise levels contained in Chapter 8 or 11 of the International Civil Aviation Organization's Annex 16, Volume 1.
  • Aircraft involved in an emergency, or a flight interrupted by an emergency. An ‘emergency’ includes aircraft being used for search and rescue, medical purposes or natural disasters, or emergencies declared by a pilot such as insufficient fuel or an in-flight emergency.
  • Dispensations may be granted if there are circumstances justifying a take-off or landing. A dispensation will not be granted if the aircraft is on a scheduled commercial operation (carrying passengers or freight).



Last Updated: 23 January, 2015