National Airports Safeguarding Framework Principles and Guidelines

The National Airports Safeguarding Framework



Guideline A

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Guideline B

  • Guideline B: Managing the Risk of Building Generated Windshear and Turbulence at Airports PDF: 1005 KB ReadSpeaker DOC: 653 KB

    Guideline B was based on a report prepared by the wind engineering division of a consultancy firm, SLR Consulting Australia Pty Ltd: ‘Guidance Material for Building Induced Wake Effects at Airports'.

  • Report: Guidance Material for Building Induced Wake Effects at Airports (SLR Consulting Australia Pty Ltd) PDF: 20207 KB ReadSpeaker

    In 2018, Guideline B was updated to reflect current world's best practice. The update was based on a review of the Guideline conducted by Cermak Peterka Petersen Pty Ltd and a peer review conducted by SLR Consulting Australia Pty Ltd.

  • Background and scope of 2018 review of Guideline B PDF: 506 KB DOCX: 23 KB
  • CPP Technical Review of NASF Guideline B PDF: 2113 KB ReadSpeaker
  • SLR Peer Review Report on the CPP Review of NASF Guideline B PDF: 160 KB ReadSpeaker

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Guideline C

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Guideline D

  • Guideline D: Managing the Risk of Wind Turbine Farms as Physical Obstacles to Air Navigation PDF: 182 KB ReadSpeaker DOC: 78 KB

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Guideline E

  • Guideline E: Managing the Risk of Distractions to Pilots from Lighting in the Vicinity of Airports DOC: 45 KB PDF: 138 KB ReadSpeaker
    • Attachment 1—Diagram of Maximum Intensity of Light Sources PDF: 487 KB ReadSpeaker

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Guideline F

Guideline G

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Guideline H

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