Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) Review

In May 2011 Infrastructure portfolio agencies, in consultation with other portfolios, finalised a Review examining the efficacy of an Australian Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) capability, as well as other available options, for completing Approach with Vertical Guidance (APV) coverage in Australia.

The main finding of the review is that at this time, on the basis of information currently available, it is difficult to justify the significant investment involved in establishing SBAS in Australia to cover aviation operations at smaller aerodromes.

Nevertheless the review supports the increased adoption of APV at Australian aerodromes and supports the development of a barometric vertical navigation (Baro-VNAV) implementation plan, prior to consultation with the aviation industry.

The review does not rule out future consideration of establishing an SBAS capability in Australia, if strong multi-sectoral demand for such a capability were to emerge and SBAS coverage provided by other administrations were expanded significantly in the region.

The review report can be downloaded below:


Last Updated: 4 May, 2015