Air Traffic Management (ATM) Policy Directions Paper

The Air Traffic Management (ATM) Policy Directions, which was publicly released in February 2012, outlines five key policy directions for air traffic management in Australia to meet the fundamental goals of enhanced safety, environmental performance, efficiency and meeting future traffic demands:

  • robust and integrated planning;
  • adoption of advanced technology;
  • international harmonisation;
  • enhanced regional aviation safety; and
  • managing environmental impacts.

These key policy directions provide a clear platform for future coordinated Government agency planning, investment by ATM service providers, standards development by the safety regulator, as well as assisting forward planning and investment by the aviation industry.

Supported by regulatory and service plans being developed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and Airservices Australia (in conjunction with Department of Defence), together these plans will provide an integrated approach to future air traffic management planning in Australia.


Last Updated: 4 May, 2015